Thursday, 29 January 2015

I fail

A year later I'm ready to try again. 
Back to healthy eating, back to exercising. 
My friend sent me this when I told him my plans and I completely agree. 

My current exercise plan is the beginners workout plan from before, and 30 minutes of hula hooping as before. I'm also trying to walk as much as I can. 

So my current weight is 82kg in the morning. I've set myself a small goal of 75kg in two months. I read somewhere that a healthy amount to lose is about 1kg a week, so the goal I set is very achievable. I want to do it this time. I no longer want to be obese. I want to be overweight...sounds so weird saying I want that, but it's better than being obese! I hope I achieve that goal and eventually become a healthy weight. 31st March 2015, I'm coming for you with a few kilograms gone! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Current routine and me rejecting fried chicken!?

So I've been adding little bits of exercises into my daily life, starting over because I completely stopped doing any exercise for a couple of months. 

My current routine is: 50 side leg lifts each side, 10 crunches, 10 twist crunches (not sure of the correct name), 10 leg lifts, also not sure what this move is called but you start on your feet standing up and lift your leg up touch your knees with the opposite elbow x 100. 

I've also started incorporating some burpees into my routine. I'm thinking of building up 5-10 each day because I can't do much at the moment, probably about 10-20. 

I hula hooped for 30 minutes today which I haven't done for a while, so I will try to maintain doing this every other day. 

I also walk about 20 minutes a day, travelling to attend my course, not much but it's still something. 

So today my mother made deep fried chicken wings with delicious, crunchy batter! I really love fried chicken and especially with crunchy batter, but I declined because I did not do the 10 burpees and 30 minutes of hooping only to put it all back on again plus more! One of my weaknesses that has stalled my weight loss is not being able to resist delicious but unhealthy food so I'm quite proud of myself for declining it :) I had a rice cake with crunchy peanut butter and chocolate fudge zero syrup (0 calories) instead with a banana and it filled me up :)

The chocolate fudge zero syrup is from Its that little bit of sweetness that's needed, although it doesn't taste very chocolately or fudgey.  It was okay for zero calories so I can't complain. And it comes in a huge squeezy bottle so definitely worth the price. I can't wait to finish my bottle so I can try the butterscotch or maple syrup. Have you tried any of the flavours? What are your favourites? 

Also, if anyone is interested, here is a referral code you can enter if you register: SL96526 and it will give you about £10 worth free protein shakes. The catch is that you have to spend a minimum of £10 before you can get the free shakes. I used a referral code myself, so I have the shakes but have yet to try them. I was told it could also make me gain weight if I don't workout enough so I am a bit hesitant! Although it claims that it helps prevent fat storage and promotes fat loss...but I'm not an expert so I guess I will have to try it out personally.  

Monday, 21 July 2014

Birthday Treats

So it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and my grandmother's birthday yesterday so I've been eating a tonne! I actually had a few birthday meals but it's only once a year so I'll allow it :P

Here's some pics of my birthday treats. I didn't eat them all in one day by the way! Haha

 Afternoon tea for two :)
I love how cute this was presented and the food was really nice too.
The scones with clotted cream and jam were perfect.

 From one of my favourite restaurants:
Maple Glazed Lamb Rump served on creamy mashed potato, with green beans and Mediterranean vegetables in a pine nut caponata, served with bordelaise sauce

 I ate this on my actual birthday. 
Nothing beats a huge portion of home cooked roast dinner with all the trimmings!

I've been naughty and didn't even control myself so I put on some weight last week, but when I weighed myself this morning, I was the same as I was last Monday so I see that as a good thing.

I'm 1kg/2lbs lighter than I was 2 weeks ago. Slow and steady wins the race right? Hopefully I'd be back on track next week because I won't be feasting.

Almost forgot to mention, my cousin said that I looked like I've lost weight! I'm happy there's a noticeable difference and it was a huge confidence booster! I literally hugged her there and then for making me so happy haha.